Local Driver Co-op on BNN-Bloomberg: Giving Drivers 90% of Revenue & Ownership in the Rideshare Platform

Direct Global / Direct Co-ops has launched the Local Driver cooperative, where drivers receive 90% of the revenue they generate and own 90% of the platform, through the co-op. This allows us to undercut Uber and Lyft by 20% and still pay the drivers more, compounded by the platform being owned by its members and being a socially correct rideshare solution. Drivers are able to vote on issues important to them and the driver community as a whole, communicate and coordinate with each other and access exclusive discounted products and services, including insurance, gas, automotive supplies, and more. Local Driver Co-op has created a special class of shares for taxi drivers, taking into account their significant investment into their medallions, as a unified solution for both the gig workers and medallion holders. The co-op will also be able to finance driverless vehicles and kits, preparing the drivers for the age of autonomous vehicles by upgrading their existing vehicles to self-driving ones.