Own your future
Control your destiny

FareEats is leveling the playing field in food delivery, working in a partnership with drivers and businesses to make delivery fair for all.

Our drivers own the platform through a driver co-op set up in their city, while earning 90% of the delivery fees and 100% of the tips.

Businesses enjoy a service fee as low as 5% with no gimmicks (compared to 20-35% with the major apps), allowing them to keep prices low and help their customers save!

Platform Features

After speaking to thousands of drivers,
we developed a solution that works for you!

Receive deliveries on demand

Work on your own schedule and enjoy the freedom to choose
to accept orders as they come in.

  • Easy to view, accept or decline deliveries
  • Equal opportunity for all drivers

Member Referral Program

Through our referral program, Local Driver Co-op members
earn residual income from every transaction completed by
the members they refer.

  • Refer other drivers and businesses
  • Earn 15% of the profits from each delivery or order that they complete

Delivery Driver Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Any car, truck, bike, scooter, or bicycle
  • Required Documents (where applicable): Driver's license, insurance, license plate, screenshot of current profile with any other delivery/rideshare app

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to join our driver-owned co-op as a member. To start, please visit and watch the about us video:

Then, download the driver app from your app store (or from the links above).

Finally, send us your documents and once verified, you will be able to start receiving deliveries.

We charge customers $0.95 per km or a minimum of $4.99 (below 5km). Drivers receive 90% of these fees and 100% of the tips.

No. Delivery couriers do not need insurance to deliver food for FareEats, however, if driving a vehicle, they must have current auto insurance (drivers must provide their documents to deliver for FareEats).

Delivery bags and other merchandise is available to our members at a low cost at:

In Ontario, couriers must have a Smart Serve certificate to deliver alcoholic beverages. FareEats is licensed to deliver alcohol in Ontario.