How to onboard businesses

This section provides instructions for drivers and leaders on how to onboard new businesses, step by step. Please review all the information and the frequently asked questions section below.

Step 1 – B2B Portal Registration (

In order to onboard a business as your referral, they MUST click on your referral link or QR code. When the registration page opens, select Business/Co-op/Association and fill out the form. Click Submit, then follow the instructions in the follow-up email to confirm their account.

Our team will approve their account as soon as possible. Once approved, you will find them in your account (on, under Member Partnership Program > My Team.

Step 2 – FareEats Registration

Register the business as a Vendor on FareEats, by going to:

Make sure to use the same email as in Step 1.

Step 3 – Complete Business Profile and Menu

The following video tutorial explains how to complete the business profile on FareEats and create the menu (note: the video refers to our Canadian platform Direct Local Eats, but also applies to FareEats).

Step 4 – Sign the Merchant Agreement

Our Standard Merchant Agreement will be provided to all businesses on FareEats and must be signed in order to sell on the platform.

Step 5 – Download the Merchant App

Our FareEats Merchant app allows merchants to manage most aspects of their store, accept/manage orders, add/change items, etc. The app is compatible with Android and iOS.



Download the FareEats Merchant app reference manual:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any additional costs to selling on FareEats, outside of the 5% service fee?

A: No. 5% is our fee for using the platform. Any additional products or services may incur additional costs, as explained below and in the Merchant Agreement.

Q: Do you provide a tablet?

A: No. Businesses need to bring their own tablet, as long as it’s a brand name (Samsung, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, etc.). Generic tablets may not be compatible with our merchant app.

* Android tablets need to have access to Google Play to download apps. Amazon Fire tablets do not come with Google Play and it needs to be manually downloaded.

Q: I want my menu to be created for me. How much do you charge for that?

A: The cost to create a menu ranges from $50-$300, depending on how many items it has. If you require this service, please inform your representative. Payment can be made by credit card only.

Q: How do I get more orders with FareEats?

A: FareEats is a grassroots platform, which means it’s up to every member to promote it to their customers. Recommended methods of promotion include:

  1. Social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) – tag your posts with @fareeats and let your customers know they can support your business, by ordering through FareEats. Post regularly and frequently.
  2. Window stickers – window stickers/decals are available for our members. Please contact us to request yours.
  3. Word of mouth – let your customers know there is a better alternative. Spread the word through emails, SMS, or just by telling your customers to place their next order on FareEats. Your customers will enjoy significant savings, while the business and the drivers will make more!

Q: When are you coming to my area?

A: FareEats is about everyone working together and spreading the word. The more people know about the platform, the sooner it will launch in your area. So let your drivers know about FareEats (refer them to this page) and let other businesses know, that there’s a better option for them. Finally, once we have a good amount of drivers and businesses in your area, it’s game on!

Q: Can I as a business owner refer drivers/other businesses?

A: Yes you can! Use your affiliate link from (the link will appear in your account once you’ve logged in).

Q: I have my own delivery drivers. Can they join the platform?

A: Yes they can! They can join through the referral program – for more information see

Q: Do you have a direct number for customer service?

A: Yes – you can call us at 1-844-900-FAIR (3247) or email at